About Brad D’Arpino

Brad D’Arpino owner operator, 5th generation mason and native of Santa Cruz, CA.

Brad has served as a Consultant for the California State Contractors License Board lending his expertise to the state masonry exam.

Brad is the mechanic and artist on every project large or small. He works closely and maticiously with the client to design the project that fits the aesthetics of the home. Creating a budget that fits all applicable installation. Projects on an addition or a new home are approached with the same professionalism, quality, craftsmanship as well as reliability.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We build your dreams one stone at a time.


Let my years of experience help you on your home masonry projects. “Do it yourself” is not as easy as you think. Let me help you with your project by interjecting some helpful ideas and techniques that can save time, money and a headache.

  • Consulting on appropriate materials
  • Job layout
  • Job set-up
  • Orchestrate the progression of the job
  • Help with techniques
  • What not to do before you get yourself in trouble and costly expenses
  • Why certain materials maybe better than another
  • Cost evaluation
  • Tools necessary for job completion
  • On site, Phone or e-mail consultation is available.


$120.00 initial fee (includes first 2 hours)
$50.00 per hour there after

Phone or E-mail:
$50.00 per hour

If you are interested in my consulting services, please give me a call to discuss your needs. We’ll come up with a plan and project custom designed to your needs. In that conversation I will give you an estimate of time and cost, which you can then pay below.